"Michèle Lefrançois is a famous well-established Sacred Cat of Birman (Chat Sacré de Birmanie/Birmans) breeder in Normandy since more than 30 years. Her dedicated work for the breed and her ability to produce an impressive number of international champions (At local Cat shows/Baltard. and TICA) is a living proof of her ability to consistently make the right choices for the breed. Not only does she produce high quality cats but she is also a real cat lover and not a merchant producer as so many cat breeders I met are today. I have been able, at several occasions, to observe her and to admire her real concern for her cats in home or away as her rigorous way to work to keep any disease under control and out of her home. Her systematic way to work and empathy allows her to provide a high quality life for her cats and the kittens she produces. She has dedicated part of her life to the breed and is one of the rare Grande Dame of the Birman still alive and alert today. Michele Lefrançois is one the breeder that continue to participate to the procreation of the silver line gene. I have known Michele for more than 10 years now and can only speak highly of her without mentioning her equally astounding human qualities. My recommendation is without reservation."

    Un Ami Américain éleveur de Birmans

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